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Motorola MCL Software

MCL-Software for Motorola Scanners

MCL Designer


Create powerful mobile worker, data management applications using MCL-Designer—a sophisticated, high-productivity, development environment. Make applications with cross-platform portability and forward migration paths to minimize your total cost of application ownership.

Design intelligent, multimodal applications that take advantage of the latest in mobile computing technology superior operating systems, powerful processors, crisp color displays, extensive memory capacities, voice recognition, radio frequency identification (RFID), imaging, and wireless communications.

Maximize mobile worker productivity. Create mobile applications that operate in real-time or batch communications modes; in continuously or casually connected communications modes; and in wired or wireless communications environments. This deployment flexibility makes it easy to produce applications that are optimized for quick transactions, high performance, reliability, scalability, and low cost of operations.


MCL-Link is essential to the deployment of mobile computers running MCL applications in batch, non-concurrent user environments. It is designed to provide reliable, guaranteed, point-to-point communications involving the sequential management of many mobile computers, one mobile computer at a time. As a component of the MCL-Collection, MCL-Link brings your batch mobile worker applications the same host access—such as SAP R/3 or ODBC database access—as your networked mobile computers.


MCL-Collection is a set of software tools that enables non-programmers to quickly create and deploy batch or real-time data collection applications. MCL enables you to dynamically collect and update your databases like Oracle, Access, FoxPro, and Excel. Create, integrate, and deploy enterprise mobile worker applications quickly and easily for any purpose, in any industry—retail, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, transportation and logistics, government, healthcare, field service, and more. MCL-Collection is an intuitive, high-productivity development and deployment environment. It is open-standards based for mobile computer cross-manufacturer, cross-platform compatibility, and completely integrated for seamless integration from mobile computer to host application. As the architecture of your business solution, use MCL-Collection's versatility to implement a deployment environment to maximize your mobile workforce’s productivity and drive your business.

MCL-Code Interpreter

MCL-Client and MCL-Code Interpreter executes the applications created with MCL-Designer for Terminals or Phasers. It must be installed on the Symbol device before an MCL-Designer created application can run on it. MCL-Code Interpreter is factory installed on Symbols Phasers; therefore they are factory ready to run your MCL-Designer for Phasers generated applications.

The MCL-Client V3.0 is installed onto your Symbol terminal as a runtime software, which is sold by units. The units for MCL-Client V3.0 are delivered via email containing license number(s) and password(s). In With version 3.0's new marketing structure both batch and wireless terminals only require one unit.

MCL-Clients and MCL-Code Interpreters contain two components:

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Manufacturer Part Number Description USD Purchase
Motorola SWE-123872-01 MCL-Collection v3.x for MT2000 - Includes (1) Designer and (4) MCL-Link Add to Cart for Price Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SWE-123877-01 MCL Designer v3.x for MT2000 Add to Cart for Price Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SWE-123877-02 MCL-Designer (with the Converter) for the MT2000 Upgrade (from 2.x for Phaser - Current MCL Phaser Designer license required with order. Add to Cart for Price Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SWE-123882-01 MCL Link for MT2000 (1 Device) Add to Cart for Price Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SWE-56598-01 MCL-Designer for Terminals, v2.5. Works with DOS, Palm & Pocket PC units.(Electronic Software - Non-Returnable) $2095.00 Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SWE-56600-01 Software (MCL-Link V2.5)(Electronic Software - Non-Returnable)Applications created in MCL can only be loaded via RS-232. $239.00 Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SWE-63604-01 MCL-Designer V3.0 for PPC/CE(Electronic Software - Non-Returnable) $1045.00 Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SWE-63621-01 MCL-Collection V3.x for PocketPC/CE Devices Contains: MCL-Designer for PocketPC/CE, MCL-Link, MCL-Net for 5 users, MCL-Client for 5 devices(Electronic Software - Non-Returnable) $1772.00 Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SWE-82630-01 MCL-Collection v3.x for MC1000 - includes standard Designer and MCL-Link Electronic Software - Non-Returnable) Add to Cart for Price Add to Cart to Purchase
Accessories and Service Contracts
Manufacturer Part Number Description USD Purchase
Motorola 50-12000-086R MCL-Hardware Key (USB) v2.5 and v3.0 (for Designer, Link, Net; 90 Day warranty only) $120.00 Add to Cart to Purchase
Motorola SW-36639-04R V2.5 MCL-Code Interpreter with 6 units NOT RETURNABLE $368.00 Add to Cart to Purchase